Here's a couple of squirrel folk songs for you Orff nuts!


!. Start with speech and/or movement

2. Teach the main melody of the song

3. Learn it as a body percussion speech piece. Speak the words of the main tune and add the body percussion of either the drone or one of the ostinati parts. The words written in the ostinati parts for "Hop Old Squirrel" are not designed to be sung. Students should learn these parts separately and later perform them with the main melody part.

4.At this point you can go several ways-A. Perform the work as a speech piece with or without body percussion. B. Transfer the parts to unpitched percussion and perform as a percussion ensemble. C. Transfer the parts to barred instruments and perform the piece as written. D.Add movement, create a B section, perform as AB, add another part and perform as a rondo, ABACA. Isn't Orff fun!

For the second song, make up your own words for the ostinato and drone parts!