Starting with the 2013 school year, teachers have been given Macbook Pros and students will be using IPad Mini's. For the privilege of using these great tools, our District will be expecting to see these tools used! One way for teachers to use them will be implementing the Flipped Classroom concept. On this page, I will occasionally drop in some videos and audios that I will use for my students to see the basic "lecture" that I would normally give in the classroom. Instead, they will get it at home before coming to the classroom. As an Orff approach teacher, I normally don't do much lecturing, or I don't think I do...., but as I consider my lesson plans and it comes to my attention that a certain piece or topic requires some background information, I will create a video, PDF, slide show or Podcast and post it on the school website where they will have access to it. I will try to keep them short and interesting, as I know that most ALL their other teachers will be doing the same. If you find or have an interesting short video etc. that covers elementary music topics, mostly Orff related, then please let me know about them so I can post them here and maybe even use them on my student website. Thanks.