Children learning music through imitation, exploration  and creation is the heart of the Orff approach. I am certified in Orff-Schulwerk for children and apply what I've learned to real classroom situations.

My students are finding themselves totally immersed in the musical experience due this approach. Singing, dancing, playing, acting, improvising, and writing music is all a part of the Orff-Schulwerk experience. I hope this website will encourage you, as an elementary music teacher, to look into this approach. Experience a workshop for yourself. The Orff Approach is so much more than children playing on small xylophone type instruments. Read my blog, check out lesson plans, watch the Orff Approach videos and listen to my Orffsite Show Podcast.

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I've recently added some things on this site that you might enjoy or find useful.

I've added a couple of free music tech applications that I find useful.

There are new lessons in the Lesson Plans section. Don't miss these!

I've added a Blog where I will regularly post my raves and gripes about elementary music teaching and the Orff Approach.

I've posted an email address for you to let me know how this site helps you and for your suggestions to improve it.

Finally, I've added a Forum where you can share your ideas with others.

Thanks for checking out!

Lyons Xylophones Diatonic Alto

Lyons Xylophones Diatonic Alto

Lyons Xylophones are designed with both quality and economy in mind. These instruments begin with solid wood tone boxes, then add hand-tuned rosewood tone bars to combine for rich warm sound. All of our tone bars are backed by a lifetime tuning warranty. chromatic add-ons are separate tone boxes with the sharp/flat key to be used with a diatonic unit to have a fully chromatic set. Mallets are included with all diatonic units.

It's Orff Showtime! Sheet Music

It's Orff Showtime! - Personalized Childrens gifts including books, music, name trains, clocks, kids crafts and more.
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