Someone asked me what books and materials I use in my class.

Here is a non-exclusive list:

The Orff-Schulwerk Music for Children Volumes by Orff-Keetman, the English, not American, editions. You won't know how to use these books properly unless you have used them in an Orff level class or workshop.

I use volumes I and II mostly.

Rhythmische Ubung by Keetman. You will not know how to use this book unless you have seen it in an Orff level class or workshop.

I naturally, use Jerry Bradley's book, Orff Adventures for Children. I know him and his work quite well!

The Orff Source, by Denise Gagne. This book contains 89 Orff arrangements of traditional folk songs and singing games.The author explains how to use these arrangements in a classroom. The arrangements are for Orff Instruments and are appropriate for grades 1-5.

Monkey Business, by Jim Solomon.K-6. Progressive lessons for teaching beat, note values and rests. This book includes speech pieces, movement and songs orchestrated for Orff instruments.

The Game Plan Curriculum by Randy DeLelles and Jeff Kriske. I have grades 1-4, but find myself using 1-3 the most. These are pricey, but have enough material for a year, should you care to use everything in the grade level book.

Musicplay for Kindergarten- Denise Gagne. This is a year long curriculum with lessons and 6 CD's. $125

I use and recommend Dr. Diane M. Lange's book, Together in Harmony, with combines the Orff Approach with the Gordon Music Learning Theory applications.

I also use songs and materials from our state music textbooks, Spotlight on Music Series.

As I use the Orff-Approach more each year I find I'm creating more lessons on my own.

I also use the materials and lesson plans from the many workshops I attend each year.