I plan to use this sequence for introducing musical terms and facts to my K-4 students. 

Assessment Concepts and Terms for 3rd -4th Grade Introduced in:



Rhythm-the way the words go, Beat-the steady pulse of the music

By pictures-Trumpet, Clarinet, Trombone, Bass Drum

Fast/Slow, High/Low

Loud/Soft, Drone, simple in 5ths, tone clusters



So-Mi –La hand signs

Patriotic Song, Seasonal Song

Quarter Note, Eighth Notes, Repeat Sign

Ostinato, Drone, simple and broken

Saxophone, Snare Drum, Violin, Identify Trumpet and Snare Drum by sound of instrument

Form-AB, f-forte, loud/ p-piano, soft

Two line Staff



Review 1st Grade

Do-Re-Mi-So-La hand signs, Identify so, mi and la on partial staff

Folk Song, Half Note, dotted Half Note, Whole Note,

Quarter Rest, Measure

Identify quarter and eighth note pattern/2/4 time, 4 measures

Oboe, Bassoon, Timpani, Trombone-Identify Trombone, Timpani, Violin by sound

Form ABA , Melody-the tune you can sing or whistle, a series of pitches, Improvise

Treble Clef Sign, Bar line, 3 and 4 line staff

Crescendo/Decrescendo-gradually get louder/gradually get softer and their symbols



Review 1 and 2

Form-Rondo, Staff-full 5 line, space letter names of Treble Staff, Identify So, Mi, La and Do on 5 line staff

Half Rest, Whole Rest, Dotted quarter note, double bar line, fermata, 2/4 time signature, 3/4 time signature 4/4 time signature

Identify correct pattern that has quarter, eighth and quarter rest patterns, Program Music

Orchestra Terms, Baton, Concert Master, Maestro, Conductor, Podium, bow

Instrument Families, Brass, String, Percussion, Woodwind, Reed, Double Reed, Cup Shaped Mouthpiece

Identify Sections by listening, What is Necessary for beautiful singing?



Review 1-3

Add Fa and Ti hand signs, lines and spaces of Treble Staff, Octave-so to so/do to do etc

Absolute note names BAG identified on full staff, Choose correct rhythm pattern that contains 16th notes

Form-Chaconne-theme and variation, introduction, coda

Eighth Rest, Dotted half note, Sixteenth notes, eighth-quarter-eight syncopation, Distinguish by sight, 2, 3 or 4 patterned measures(meter)