Three Review Games

Four Corners-I’ve had fun taking two games that I used as just a fun reward and making them have a music education purpose. The first game is Four Corners. Instead of using corner number 1, 2, 3 and 4, I put a different music symbol in each corner, treble clef sign, repeat sign, quarter note etc. For my K kids I use posters of different musical instruments.
Parachute Game-I also used a parachute with different 5 different colors. Students walk around the outside of the chute and when the music stops I draw a color. I’ve changed that and now put a different music symbol on each color of the chute and draw and call out the symbol after the music stops, to put those students out of the game, until we end with a winner. Same games, but in the eye of a principal dropping by it’s a music review, not just a game.

Face the Music-Students are put into 4 groups and sit in a rotating line. In the center of the room is a "box" created by cones. Near each group, is a dry erase marker, slate and eraser. The first person from each group, goes to the "box" in the center of the room. A question is asked and on the word "go" students go to the slate, write their answer and run back to the "box". The first student back with a correct answer, gets 2 points for their team. All other students with a correct answer earns their team one point. No points for teams whose player has the incorrect answer. Great game for reviewing instrument sounds or any other music facts.