Soldier's Joy Passing Game-Grades 4-6

Here is an easy passing game using the melody and rhythm of the fiddle tune Soldier's Joy. First, have the students practice chanting this phrase : It's a fiddle tune called Soldier's Joy, It's a fiddle tune called Soldiers Joy It's a fiddle tune called Soldier's Joy, Fiddlediddle, diddle diddle, Dee dee dee.
Have the students practice patting the floor, first to their right on FIDdle, then to the center on TUNE, back to the right on SOLDier's,back to the center on JOY. This repeats for 3 times then have them pat the rhythm to Fiddle Diddle, diddle diddle, Dee dee dee in the center.Next put about 4 students in a circle and give them one rhythm stick.The passing goes in same direction as you did when you were patting.
You can see how the passing is done by viewing the last video on my video page.
When you get three or four small circles going well,
put all the circles together into one large circle. Add
the music to Soldier's Joy (A Section) by either singing
the melody to the worlds I listed or just by listening to
a recording of the fiddle tune. This is a great activity to
 reinforce keeping a steady beat.