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I am a certified Orff-Schulwerk elementary music teacher, teaching in an urban school. I switched from secondary to elementary music teaching in 2006 and it's been the best move (not financially! ) of my career. If you want to have major impact on students concerning music education, elementary is where it is happening. Disclaimer: The topics in my blog do not necessarily reflect what is happening in my current teaching position or with my current students, administration etc. I have a long teaching history and may chose to deal with an element or problem that I have witnessed or experienced in a previous school or have seen being dealt with by other teachers I have encountered...so there!

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Improvisation in Orff-Schulwerk

Posted by Jerry Bradley on Thursday, March 30, 2023,

The Orff-Schulwerk method of music education places a strong emphasis on the value of imagination and participation in the learning process. Improvisation, a technique that encourages students to explore and experiment with musical ideas in a safe and supportive setting, lies at the core of this method. I will cover some useful advice for incorporating improvisation into your teaching in this blog post as we examine the function of improvisation in the Orff-Schulwerk classroom.

What does impro...

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What is the Most Important Thing to Teach in Elementary Music?

Posted by The Orffsite Webmaster on Monday, February 6, 2012,

Originally Posted by The Orffsite Webmaster on Wednesday, June 8, 2011

First, an analogy: Mother and Child

I think the progression is to have the baby first experience and develop a relationship with “mother”. After the baby has heard the word mama, in context (not the goal, but close), and tries it out, It doesn’t quite come out as mother, or even as mama, but mumu is a good start. The mistake would be to drop the relationship and concentrate on getting the baby to pronounce the word...

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