My new book is now available. Thanks to all the teachers who have already purchased it, even before this announcement.
I hope you find it useful. I think you'd find it's worth the price just for the Gator in the Kitchen song. My third graders love the tune and ask to review it throughout the year. To you who get the book, I will be making available some sound files to accompany the information in the book. I will be posting the files on this website. The book is available through the link at the top of this blog or at You can see some of the actual songs using the preview at Amazon. The book, like this website, is just another way for me to help teachers learn and use the Orff Approach to music teaching. Good teachers are always buying new books, finding new websites, and going to workshops. I'm headed to one myself tomorrow, led by 

Danai Gagne: “The Sound of Dance, the Color of Song, the Taste of Drama: Looking at the Schulwerk from a multi-colored prism”. Keep growing musically!