Even if your 4th, 5th, and 6th graders have done movement in your class, there are some groups who will just stare at you with calf eyes when asked to create some simple movement for a song. Some classes will jump right into it, but I recently had a class that spent more time talking about movement than actually doing it. For this group, I came up with a movement word list and a set of cards that could help them get started. I'm happy to say that it worked for them. My Word files for the cards and movement word list is on my Lessons page. I made five sets for my students so I had five groups creating their own group movement. I had them use the song Rocky Mountain, which with verse and chorus made a 32 count movement piece. At the end of class each group performed their movements to the song. I recommend that you use card stock and laminate the page before cutting it into individual cards. The movement word list is not cut up but given to them with the movement suggestion cards that will be in a ziplock bag. Try it out and feel free to modify it.