Setup: See photo. It's set up for two classes. For one class you will only need three chairs, yarn for the alley markings and whisk broom or other items for the center chair.

Game play: Children form two lines with an alley between. Three children sit in the chairs to start the game. The person with the "broom" hands it to the person of his choice. The two broomless students move in agreement down the alley and to the end of the lines. The new person with the broom moves to the center chair. Then next two people in line move to the outside chairs. Game continues with the new broom holder handing the broom to the person of his choice...and the game continues in like fashion. Once they have the pattern down, put on some Irish Jigs or similar music.

You will probably need to review with them possible ways to move: skip, hop, glide, gallop, tiptoe, march, sashay holding hands, and other jivey and cool ways including crawling, crab-walking etc.Don't let them move in a boring way.