Originally Posted by The Orffsite Webmaster on Sunday, July 18, 2010

I stumbled upon a teacher's blog where there was posted a discussion about using technology in music class. I jotted down my comments, some of which were not glowing about the wonders of technology in music class. That teacher seemed to be quite put out with me but he/she got the wrong impression. I do use technology in the class including my IPod, hand held recorder, document camera, Air Slates, laptop and digital projector, music game and drill software and much more. The older the student, the more I involve them in using technology themselves and not just allowing me to use it. However----in the lower grades the best way for students to learn about music is to be actively engaged in creating it.Except for the ABC song and some very unmusical math and facts songs, there is no other place in school that gives my students a musical experience. I have limited time with my students. Many of my students get no opportunity to sing, dance or play musical instruments in their homes. Some will never be encouraged to participate in music after leaving elementary school. If given a choice, in my limited time, of letting my kindergartners explore using technology such as an Air Slate or explore the sounds they can make on a glockenspiel, the glockenspiel wins. All the technology the kids are using now will be in a landfill or museum by the time they head into the workplace. Singing, dancing or playing instruments will not be "old technology" but will always remain an eternal human expression of the heart.