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The Music for Children Volumes contain lots of pieces that could only be played successfully by a select ensemble. Many of the pieces were written for older children and young adults. The Volumes aren't intended to be used as a sequential methods books, but many of the pieces can be used as written, even in a classroom. Remember also that it is ok to modify these arrangements for your particular situation to fit the age, skill level and instrumentation available. Here are two fine examples I found on YouTube. (p.s. There are more bad examples of "Orff" than good ones on YouTube.)

Some of the "Volume" pieces can be performed in a classroom as written, example Vol. 4, pg 46, #21 - 3. 

Here's a modified piece. The melody was simplified & she used a simplified version of only 1 ostinato. 
http://youtu.be/uZKCe68e13g #orff 

I posted these examples on Twitter. If you're not using Twitter as a professional learning network, I encourage you to get on, follow some good teachers, and share your thoughts also. My Twitter name is naturally, #OrffSiteDotCom