Originally Posted by The Orffsite Webmaster on Sunday, January 30, 2011

Books and stories are an integral part of Orff-Schulwerk. They engage students, stir their imaginations and can teach moral behavior. Care, however, must be taken in choosing these stories. The subject matter and stories surrounding the works of Orff and Keetman are not normally the stories you might expect to be children's fare-stories of life, love, work and even death. The stories and poems they chose could be humorous, but not silly for silly's sake.
I also don't see them as presenting political agendas. If I am wrong on this, scholars please chime in. Whether or not they chose to pursue political agendas or not is not my main point. I don't believe that as a teacher, my job is to brainwash my students with my peculiar political or social leanings. I will encourage good moral choices and patriotism, but I won't select a book that sways sympathy to my particular social or political leanings. This is my boundary. Some teacher's reject this stand either out of passion or ignorance. The  stories and books you use are probably often your personal choice. Choose wisely.